Do you want to kill someone? But are guns illegal in your country? Or are you too young? Don’t worry! We have the answer.
Just follow these simple steps and you’re golden!

Step 1: Spread out your hand like seen on the photo!
Step 2: Turn your pinky, ring- and middle- finger to the inside of your hand. You now have your gun!
Step 3: To shoot, press your thumb onto your index finger!

You are now a REAL cowboy! Enjoy shooting people!



Colin has been making YouTube videos since 2011. Always having the need to help people, he decided he should show them how to kill people with invisible bullets.

3 reacties

Jan-Klaas · 19 juli 2015 op 12:19

Holy shit. It works!

Pieter Petersson · 19 juli 2015 op 12:20

I don’t have a stepdad anymore.

Jan-Peter Balkenende · 19 juli 2015 op 12:24

This is bullshit. Why would anyone fall for this?